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We provide complete human resources services
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Crowe Payout Romania constantly updates its salary calculation method in compliance with all the legislative aspects involved, it maintains the data accuracy and confidentiality.
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Personnel Administration

The legal information, its regulations and amendments are a constant focal point for Payout's team in the management of the
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Recruiting deserves a new approach, it needs a dynamic rhythm and it must lead to excellent results!
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Labor Consultancy

The experts are the ones who provide you with the optimal alternatives based on which your business decision is made
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What makes us different from our competitors ?

Customized solutions

PayOut promotes the customized human resources services by providing the best solutions, adapted to the needs of our customers.

In a world where diversity is a key element, we know that it is essential to adjust our services to the customers requirements and to build customized solutions.

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BUCURESTI Str. Popa Petre nr 5, etaj 3, sector 2, tel. +40 (0)31 22 85 119 - fax +40 (0)31 2285120

CLUJ-NAPOCA Str Dorobantilor nr 14-16 Cluj City Center, Cluj-Napoca, Romania tel. +40 (0)264 590 067 - fax +40 (0)264 596666

TIMISOARA Timisoara, Str. Surorile Martir Caceu nr. 7, Jud. Timis tel. +40 (0)256 306 056 - fax +40 (0)256 306059